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BREAKING: Penn State Helmet to Undergo Minor Change

We're inching closer to Oregon every day.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It's been quite the summer for Penn State's uniforms thus far. First, came the news that the players' last names would no longer appear across the backs of the jerseys. Then, we found out that the uniforms were getting a slight collar modification. Now, there will be yet another change coming this season.

As first pointed out by @JohnTCpsu on Twitter, and confirmed to us by Kris Peterson, the Associate Director of Strategic Communications, there will be a slight change to the Nittany Lion helmet.

Nothing changes with the iconic blue and white portion of the helmet for which our fair website's logo is based on, but the words "Nittany Lions" are being added to the bottom of the backside of the headgear. It doesn't take anything away from the historic part of the helmet, but it gives the whole look a slightly more sleek and modern feel, overall.

What are your thoughts on Penn State's newest uniform modification? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you care?