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Penn State Unveils Renovation Plans for the Lasch Building

Many of the long rumored upgrades to the football facility were announced today.


Since arriving in Happy Valley almost 21 months ago now, James Franklin has stressed the need to upgrade many of Penn State's football facilities. When the Lasch Building opened, it was considered among the best buildings of its kind in the nation. But with more money than ever flowing into college football programs of all sizes, PSU has been caught, and in many cases, surpassed by programs of all sizes.

That is all about to change though, with the unveiling of upgrades to the locker room, lobby, players lounge, and many other areas of the building. My personal favorite is the Experience Room, which based on previous reports and quotes Coach Franklin has made, is intended to give visiting recruits the opportunity experience a Nittany Lion game day, and other aspects of the program.

Here's what Coach Franklin has to say about the renovation from the PSU press release

Our vision for the future is building the best program in college football. That's not just wins and losses -- that's the number one graduation rate, the number one GPA in the country. It's preparing our guys to be successful in life, but it's also winning football games. Our STUDENT-athletes deserve that, and our fans deserve that too.