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Only Jordan Lucas Until Penn State Football


Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Lucas, entering his senior season, is primed for his best performance yet.

The man who has been an extremely reliable corner for the past two years is making the move to safety, not only for the benefit of the team, but of his NFL future. He'll always be able to play corner in a pinch, and his man-to-man skills will serve him well when he's called upon to step up and cover any extra receivers, but now he's ready to prove himself as a captain of the defense.

He has great hands, solid speed and knows how to hit. Perhaps most important, though, is that he's experienced. Marcus Allen is a phenomenal football player with a bright future, but he's still learning the ins and outs of the college game. Working closely with Lucas in practice and on game day should help Allen develop his game as a whole, and make him all the more dangerous. These two together is going to be a fearsome duo.

What we saw in the Pinstripe Bowl from Lucas, when he sacked BC quarterback Tyler Murphy, could be a sign of things to come for the 6'0" senior. Bob Shoop's expertly designed blitzes will surely give Lucas a chance to attack the quarterback more than a few times this season.

Also wearing number nine this year will be backup quarterback, Trace McSorley. Should Penn State be involved in any blowouts this season, expect to see Trace get some time, now that he is no longer a redshirt.