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Only Geno Lewis/Koa Farmer Until Penn State Football

*The Ring voice* seven days.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Oh nice, we have two players that we can talk about today. We'll go in order of seniority. Cool? Cool.

Geno Lewis was the team's No. 2 receiver last season, and is somehow only a redshirt junior heading into 2015 (does anyone else feel like he's been at Penn State for 12 years? I'm not complaining, because he's really good, but Lewis is this team's requisite guy who seems like he's been around forever). A former four-star recruit who was a dynamic quarterback out of Plymouth, PA, Lewis has gotten better every year that he's been with the program, and has turned into a reliable and well-rounded wide receiver. He also has a penchant for making big, spectacular plays, as we saw against UCF and Rutgers. With how much talent the Nittany Lions have at receiver this season, it'll be hard for him to replicate his 55 catch, 751 yard output from 2014, but I guarantee that whenever Penn State needs a big play, Christian Hackenberg is going to look right at Lewis.

Koa Farmer may be the most uniquely talented player on Penn State's defense, which is saying something. He's big enough to be a linebacker, but as of the other day, he's slotted at safety. He's a large human being (6'1", 222 lbs.) who runs the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds, is strong as an ox, and is perfectly capable of returning kicks if need be. In fact, we may see that out of the former four-star recruit who came to Happy Valley from California and, according to GoPSUSports, "Plans to major in forensic science and sociology to pursue a career as a pathologist." He's sharp as a tack, talented as hell and should make a serious impact with the Nittany Lions somewhere down the line – hell, it could even happen this year.

Let's blast some Barenaked Ladies, because we've only got one week left.