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MMQB: What is Your Favorite Memory of the 2005 Penn State Football Team?

Today's MMQB kicks off what is going to be a super fun week of (almost) all coverage of the 2005 football team!

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

As mentioned above, this week will be nearly entirely dedicated to the 2005 Penn State Football team, as this is the 10 year anniversary of that beautiful, beautiful team. Since I'm sure many of you have very fond memories of said season, I won't waste your time with the typical intros that I like to write, where I end up just having you read nonsense for 90 or 100 words or so. I know that those tend to get old quickly. (83, 84...)

There are a lot of great memories associated with the 2005 team, in fact, today's articles will probably invoke many of them. Therefore, today's question is a simple one. What is your favorite memory from the 2005 season, and why?