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Only Mike Yancich Until Penn State Football

33 More Days!

Mike Pettigano-Photo

Incoming freshmen linebacker Jake Cooper wears number 33 for the Lions this year. We don't have a picture of Cooper yet, maybe next year at this time he will get the honor.

Mike Yancich came to Penn State with high expectations in 2008. Yancich was never able to find a starting spot on defense but he was always a leader in the locker room. He switched to tight end for depth purposes midway through his tenure in Happy Valley, showing that he truly put the team first.

After returning to the defensive side of the ball later in his career, Yancich found his niche on special teams. Named the captain for special teams during his senior season, this fighter recovered a punt that was blocked by Mike Hull in the end-zone against Ohio State.

Take a listen to the atmosphere inside Beaver Stadium. Let the sound reverberate through your ears and into the inner-regions of your soul. Wear the camaraderie of your fellow fighters in the stands like a comfortable blanket. It's ok, you are safe now. You are surrounded by 100,000 family members.

Only 33 more days until football is back!