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MMQB: What Do You Want to See in the Temple Game?

Aside from a win, of course.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Every Penn State fan wants to leave Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday with the Nittany Lions having picked up win number one on the season. Naturally.

However, the first game of the season also signals the first chance to see the team on the field that fans have been hearing about all summer. To see which players run out onto the field first. To see if any new formations have been installed. To see what the team's body language is like.

There's always a plethora of things to watch for other than a win or a loss. So for today's MMQB, I'm asking you what you want to see in the Temple game? Do you want to see a trick play? A certain defensive alignment? More wildcat? Do you just want to watch Joey Julius be Joey Julius?

Chime in below, and let us know.