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The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 2.1 - It's a Brand New Carr!

The basketbros are back with an emergency podcast in the wake of Tony Carr's commitment to Penn State basketball.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

After a long, dragging offseason the Basketbros returned to the podcast with clear audio and better theme music (thanks VSporto!), all to discuss a peak moment in Penn State basketball recruiting.

Naturally, Tony Carr dominated this week's show - how did Pat Chambers pull this off, and how will Carr fit in to his future coach's plans? And who are the prime candidates to join him in the class of 2016?

After the recruiting discussion, we delved into the immediate future of the program. Penn State's full schedule should be released any minute now (hint, hint) but that didn't stop the basketbros from detailing their thoughts or lack thereof on the Nittany Lions' opponents.

All this and more on a special edition Basketbro Show!, powered by our new friends at VSporto and Nittany Lion Radio.

*Some of you have asked if the show will be on iTunes going forward. Unfortunately BSD's podcasts will no longer be available in the iTunes store, but good news - mobile listeners can download the Nittany Lion Radio app, which has exclusive access to tons of Penn State podcasts and radio shows.