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SWH: Predictions for 2006

As 2005 comes to an end Success With Hyperlinking looks back at the year that was, the year ahead, and makes bold predictions of what will unfold a decade into the future.

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(Ed note: In keeping with the remembrance of the 2005 football team, we offer this archived classic SWH from late 2005. It's creepy how accurate the predictions for ten years forward were when you think about it. Hopefully no one took the predictions for 2006 too seriously. If you did, well, no one wants to be the only lemming left standing on the cliff do they?)

The Year That Was

It has been over two months since the football team lost in devastating fashion to the Wolverines. The game will forever live in infamy. With just one second left on the clock, Michigan broke our hearts. All of the clocks in my house froze at the exact moment that Mario Manningham caught the winning touchdown pass. I guess that's what you get when you toss your television into the swimming pool while it is still connected to the wall. Once the breaker was reset the clocks resumed keeping time. Life has continued. The Nittany Lions are no longer perfect, but this will still be a team to remember. If you ask SWH, a one-loss year and a good chance at being ranked in the top 15 to start next season are steps in the right direction.

Bold Predictions For 2015

Former Penn State All-American wrestler Pat Cummins is dominating Real Pro Wrestling. Success with Hyperlinking predicts that the massive grappler will one day join the UFC and win a match in Brazil on the first day of August, 2015.

Dan Earl agreed to return to Penn State as an assistant coach a few months ago. Earl will be the third assistant on coach Ed DeChellis' staff. Check out this archived footage of Earl, Joey Crispin, Calvin Booth and others as they defeated #10 Ohio State in 1999. SWH predicts that Earl will one day man the helm of his own team as the head coach, and will return to PSU as an opposing coach only to lose badly.

Success With Hyperlinking is feeling brave. We predict that within a decade Penn State will join division one hockey. We have a funky premonition that a goalie will sport this mask while playing for the blue and white.

While reading the inside of Chris Funkey's helmet give a thought to Eric Scheid, his family, friends, and the hockey team who suffer the loss of Jim Scheid, Eric's dad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Jim Scheid would have turned 58 years old yesterday. Eric will wear #23 in honor of his father this season at Penn State.

What To Expect For 2006

Obviously our first prediction will be the Orange Bowl that will take place in Miami on the third day of the new year. One thing's for sure, the game will be decided early. Expect Penn State to bound out to a large lead. The game will be a snoozer by half-time, PSU wins 42-10. That's SWH's lead pipe stone-cold hot take. Take it to the bank and then borrow against it.

Put all of your money in real estate and then when you run out of money, borrow more money to put into real-estate.

Real estate is bubbling with power across the country right now. Get off the sidelines and put that equity to work by purchasing an investment house in Florida or Las Vegas. You can get a second mortgage to pay for a couple of sweet leased vehicles, so sell that pair of six-year-old dinosaurs in the driveway. With the yearly gain in prices that we have been enjoying for the past few years, the loan will pay itself off before the leases are over and you can do it again. Rinse, wash, re-lease. Be a real-estate investing ninja. That's SWH's investing tip for the year 2006. Put all of your money in real estate and then when you run out of money, borrow more money to put into real-estate. What could possibly go wrong?