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It's Friday, So Let's Remember Some Old Penn State Football Players

Because let's be honest, you don't care about work right now

Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Hey everyone. So a few weeks ago, Deadspin published this post. It was a really fun post with a really fun comment section and some really fun replies on Twitter. If you're morally opposed to clicking on Deadspin links, the synopsis is "let's remember some guys who played baseball." The list doesn't have stars on it – no Derek Jeters or Cal Ripkens or anyone like that – but instead it is composed of people who were pretty good baseball players who, when you hear their name, you are inclined to go "yeah, I remember (Ben Sheets or Jason Schmidt or Darin Erstad or Brad Hawpe or John Jaha or someone else along those lines), they were pretty good!"

It's an exercise that, without fail, is always fun as hell. So we figured that it's Friday, and you've probably worked hard this week (or at least put on the illusion of working hard this week), so let's remember some guys who played football for Penn State. Here's a list of some guys off the top of my head to get y'all started:

  • Jack Crawford
  • Graham Zug
  • Brandon Beachum
  • Mickey Shuler, Jr.
  • Eric Cole
  • Stephfon Green
  • Nick Sukay
  • Chris Colasanti
  • Maurice Evans
  • Deryck Toles
  • Shawn Mayer 
  • Eric McCoo
  • Joe Nastasi
  • Mike Cerimele
  • David Macklin
  • Terry Killens

Remember those guys? They were all pretty good!

So let's kill some time on Friday talking about people who you occasionally think of and go "yeah, I remember them, they were pretty good." And remember: they could have played for Penn State at any time, I just mostly picked more recent guys because I'm a horrible snake person millennial.

(Don't worry, I do understand this post is silly, but football season's right around the corner, so let's just have some fun for now)