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Big Ten Preview: Week Two

Each of the Big Ten conference contests in bloggerific preview.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Overall, the B1G wasn't great last week, but Penn State really skewed the results far worse than anything else. This week is a chance to redeem a lot of the issues against weaker competition and figure out if it was a one week anomaly or the reality of things. I'm also going to throw some weekly stats of potential offensive coordinator candidates that may be available this offseason, in case a team would be interested in something like that.

Oregon State @ Michigan

When: Saturday, 12pm ABC

Line: Michigan -16.5

Over/Under: 48

Michigan looked pretty good to open the season and if they could have left Utah with a victory if they managed to hold onto the ball. This week the Wolverines get another crack at the Pac 12 back in Ann Arbor. Oregon State isn't on the level of Utah, but Gary Anderson is very familiar with the B1G after his stint in Wisconsin the prior two seasons.

Western Illinois @ Illinois

When: Saturday, 12pm BTN

Line: Off

Over/Under: Off

This just in, Tim Beckman is a terrible coach. Shocking, I know. One week under Bill Cubit and Illinois looked completely competent destroying a MAC team. (Bill Cubit Offense Watch: 342 yards) The Illini now face the type of team that even Beckman would eventually manage to beat handily, so in more capable hands should get the back ups plenty of second half work.

Bowling Green @ Maryland

When: Saturday, 12pm BTN

Line: Maryland -7.5

Over/Under: 70

Maryland spent the first half in a struggle with Richmond before opening it up in the second half, Bowling Green gave Tennessee all they could handle for almost three quarters in Knoxville. The Maryland running game will again need to pick up Perry Hills, as it proved to be the Vols key to victory last week, and the Terps defense will need to slow down the Falcons passing attack.

Indiana State @ Purdue

When: Saturday, 12pm ESPNNews

Line: Off

Over/Under: Off

For one glorious moment Purdue football existed, they had Sunday all to themselves (and Marshall). They lost, however it led to lots of jokes regarding their neighborhood quarterback and interception machine, Appleby. This week they return to the depths of obscurity against the Sycamores of Indiana State, perhaps they can manage to get a win as well.

Miami(OH) @ Wisconsin

When: Saturday, 12pm ESPNU

Line: Wisconsin -33

Over/Under: 53

This may prove to be a peculiar season for the Badgers without much of a running game. Joel Stave was the lone source of offense against Alabama and Wisconsin will seek to get the ground game rolling against this week back in Madison.

Hawaii @ #1 Ohio State

When: Saturday, 3:30pm BTN

Line: Ohio State -40

Over/Under: 59.5

Ohio State trailed going into halftime down in Blacksburg, but put on a show in the second half. This week, against Hawaii, we'll find out quarterbacks 4-10 on the roster can also each throw for 300 yards in a game for the Buckeyes.

Washington State @ Rutgers

When: Saturday, 3:30pm ESPNU

Line: Rutgers -2

Over/Under: 62

Washington State lost to Portland State last week and, as punishment, are now forced to travel to Piscataway to play Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights handily beat Norfolk State, but there's not much else to take away from that. As with every Mike Leach team (Mike Leach Offense Watch: 411 yards), you simply have to win the track meet and Rutgers managed to put 63 up on a potentially stronger defense last week.

Minnesota @ Colorado State

When: Saturday, 3:30pm CBSSN

Line: Minnesota -6

Over/Under: 53.5

Minnesota looked very good at home against TCU. If I'm a B1G West team, I'm really dreading the Gophers game now. The issue Jerry Kill faces is not losing the momentum from the game, even a loss, against the Horned Frogs isn't wasted dropping a game on the road against Colorado State. A second loss could derail what appears to be the start of a very promising season.

Eastern Illinois @ Northwestern

When: Saturday, 4pm ESPNNews

Line: Off

Over/Under: Off

Northwestern didn't fold in the fourth quarter and may have exposed Stanford, along with Penn State, as among the most overrated teams entering the season. Last week may have also signaled the Wildcats are a different team this year. Neither of those ideas will probably be proven this week, but it's something to keep in mind going forward.

Iowa @ Iowa State

When: Saturday, 4:45pm Fox

Line: Iowa -3.5

Over/Under: 52

Iowa handily beat Illinois State and normally would be ripe for a loss against the Cyclones, however the untimely passing of Tyler Sash may inspire their performance. The Hawkeyes offense was uncharacteristically more high octane last week, even for a game against Illinois State, but with Ferentz at the helm, the return to a frustratingly conservative scheme will likely rear it's ugly head later this season, probably at the most frustrating time for their fans.

#7 Oregon @ #5 Michigan State

When: Saturday, 8pm ABC

Line: Michigan State -3.5

Over/Under: 67

This is it, the one marquee game this weekend for the B1G. Ohio State held up their end of the deal last week and need the Spartans to do their part. Michigan State kept up for a while last year in Eugene, but now the Spartans are the ones with the senior quarterback and the Ducks are breaking in new personnel. Get your popcorn ready as the defense of Michigan State doesn't appear to be on the same level as we've come to expect and Oregon gave up 549 yards, mostly through the air, to Eastern Washington last week.

South Alabama @ Nebraska

When: Saturday, 8pm BTN

Line: Nebraska -27.5

Over/Under: 54

Nebraska gave up the hail mary to BYU, but the Cornhuskers were fortunate it was really much of a game at all. If Taysom Hill avoided injury, BYU was threatening to run away with the it. Again, I don't know how the Huskers keeps pulling these night games as they did last year, particularly against  teams like South Alabama, BTN must have a huge financial interest in the audience of the state of Nebraska.

Florida International @ Indiana

When: Saturday, 8pm BTN

Line: Indiana -7.5

Over/Under: 55.5

Indiana eked out a victory last week against Southern Illinois. (Kevin Wilson Offense Watch: 595 yards) Florida International beat Central Florida and moved the ball pretty well doing it, so the over looks like a pretty safe bet, then again "chaos team" wouldn't have earned that name without being unpredictable.