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Black Shoe Diaries Big Ten Fantasy Challenge: Week Two

It was a banner weekend for the Fighting Butts (that's what I'm calling Chad's team).

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

As everyone so clearly predicted last week, Chad is the current leader in our league. His team was mostly fueled by the big games from Wes Lunt and Josh Ferguson of Illinois, with Akeel Lynch, CJ Beathard (Iowa) and Jake Butt (Michigan) putting up big fantasy numbers as well.

Now that the weekend's games have passed, it's time for the weekly transactions. Each team is given the chance to add/drop up to two players on their roster, and they may shuffle who is on the bench (and not earning points) whenever they like. The order for the transactions is based on who is currently last place in points. This week, that was Cari. Here are this week's transactions.

Cari: Dropped Ty Isaac (Michigan) and Adam Breneman (PSU), added Josh Hicks (Rutgers) and Ricky Jones (Indiana)

Jared: Dropped Sean Neurenberger (OSU) and Mike Gesicki (PSU), added Jack Willoughby (OSU) and Aaron Burbridge (MSU)

Bill: No transactions

Nick: Dropped Curtis Samuel (OSU), added LeShun Daniels Jr (Iowa)

Chad: No transactions, but moved Braxton Miller (OSU) to the starting lineup

* * *

Here are the standings following week one.

Owner Week One Points Total Points
Chad 127.22 127.22
Nick 121.46 121.46
Bill 120.38 120.38
Jared 82.3 82.3
Cari 69.1 69.1

* * *

And here are the current teams following this week's transactions.


Position Player
QB Nate Sudfeld (Indiana)
QB Joel Stave (Wisconsin)
RB Ezekiel Elliot (Ohio State)
RB Imani Cross (Nebraska)
WR Leonte Caroo (Rutgers)
WR Chris Godwin (Penn State)
WR/TE Josiah Price (Michigan State)
K Brad Craddock (Maryland)
DEF Wisconsin
Bench Macgarrett Kings Jr (Michigan State)


Position Player
QB Wes Lunt (Illinois)
QB CJ Beathard (Iowa)
RB Josh Ferguson (Illinois)
RB Akeel Lynch (Penn State)
WR Alex Erickson (Wisconsin)
WR Braxton Miller (Ohio State)
WR/TE Jake Butt (Michigan)
K Joey Julius (Penn State)
DEF Minnesota
Bench RJ Shelton (Michigan State)


Position Player
QB Connor Cook (Michigan State)
QB Jake Rudock (Michigan)
RB Corey Clement (Wisconsin)
RB Paul James (Rutgers)
WR Danny Anthrop (Purdue)
WR Amara Darboh (Michigan)
WR/TE Geno Lewis (Penn State)
K Jack Willoughby (Ohio State)
DEF Michigan State
Bench Aaron Burbridge (Michigan State)


Position Player
QB JT Barrett (Ohio State)
QB Tommy Armstrong Jr. (Nebraska)
RB Justin Jackson (Northwestern)
RB Josh Hicks (Rutgers)
WR DeAnthony Arnett (Michigan State)
WR Jalin Marshall (Ohio State)
WR/TE Ricky Jones (Indiana)
K Rafael Gaglianone (Wisconsin)
DEF Penn State
Bench De'Mornay Pierson-El (Nebraska)


Position Player
QB Christian Hackenberg (Penn State)
QB Cardale Jones (Ohio State)
RB Jordan Howard (Indiana)
RB LeShun Daniels Jr (Iowa)
WR DaeSean Hamilton (Penn State)
WR Michael Thomas (Ohio State)
WR/TE Jordan Westerkamp (Nebraska)
K Paul Griggs (Purdue)
DEF Ohio State
Bench Mike Dudek (Illinois)