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Committany Nation (9.11.15): Simmons Gets his All-America Jersey, Michal Menet Talks and more!

We also meet David Adams this week!

2016 commit, Shane Simmons
2016 commit, Shane Simmons

Michal Menet Speaks!

Greg Pickel of PennLive has a fantastic feature article on Michal Menet, in which Menet discusses how he and the rest of the 2016 commits stay in contact, and how they've grown close throughout their recruitments. It's certainly worth the full read, but here's part of what Michal says in the article.

"We're constantly in touch with each other. We're all just wishing each other good luck and sometimes we talk about next year, but it's really just saying good luck, stay healthy, all that good stuff."

Shane Simmons Gets his Under Armour All-America Jersey

One of Penn State's cornerstones of the 2016 recruiting class officially received his jersey for the prestigious Under Armour All-America game that will take place in January.

Simmons will be joined in Florida by future teammates Michal Menet and Miles Sanders, but with more commits, more future teammates could be there, too!

Very Important Lavert Hill Update

Lavert Hill is still committed to Penn State. Even after the Temple game! Miracles do happen, I guess.

This Coaching Staff is Still a Recruiting Machine

The latest example is what four star, Pittsburgh-area linebacker, David Adams, got in the mail.

Speaking of David Adams...

Better Know a 2017 Prospect: David Adams

As I mentioned, David Adams is a four star linebacker from the Pittsburgh area, Central Catholic, to be exact. Central Catholic should sound familiar to Penn State fans, as 2015 recruit, John Petrishen, is also from the same school. Adams is classified as an inside linebacker, the third highest-ranked one in the country (according to the 247Composite). He has a very solid offer sheet, highlighted by the Michigan schools, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State and Stanford.

Adams has always said good things about Penn State, and the Nittany Lions appear to be in excellent position with the star linebacker early on. He's part of the extremely talented group of Pittsburgh players in 2017 that also includes Penn State targets Paris Ford, Lamont Wade, Donovan Jeter and others. While they certainly won't all end up going to school together, it's certainly conceivable that at least a few of them keep that Pittsburgh chemistry alive.

Adams will likely visit for at least one Penn State home game this season (proximity certainly helps here), where you can bet that the staff will continue to roll out the red carpet for him. If the very young 2015 season has shown us anything yet, it's that the Nittany Lions are still lacking when it comes to linebacker depth. Adams will remain a priority target in 2017.