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Your Guide To This Weekend's Stripe Out At Beaver Stadium

The Nittany Lions will take on Rutgers this weekend. It won't be a White Out. Instead, it will be something different.

Penn State Athletics

Hi everyone! That was one hell of a football game last week, no? I had fun, aside from the fact that I got caught in the modern day version of the great flood from The Bible.

Hey, speaking of Floods – although this one is not as great, his name's Kyle – Penn State plays Rutgers at Beaver Stadium this week. I am going to the game. I hope you are going to the game, too, because it should be a fun one. If you can't attend, it's an 8 p.m. kick on BTN, and you should watch. If you are attending, it's a special game, because it's the first ever Stripe Out at Beaver Stadium. If you have questions, I am here to answer. Let's dive in:

Hey Bill, how are you?

I'm doing good, (person). Thanks for asking, what's up?

Well, there's a Stripe Out at Beaver Stadium this weekend, right?

That's correct. Penn State football wants to try and create a unique atmosphere on Saturday night, with Blue and White stripes alternating all across the stadium, and the students dressed in white.

Wow! That sounds spectacular, do you have a fake picture that shows what it's expected that it will look like?

Sure, GoPSUSports put one out, here ya go –

Not bad, right?

Not at all! Question, though: why is this not a White Out?

So if you remember correctly, there was a big vote for which game would get the White Out. A lot of people wanted Rutgers, but the game against Michigan got the honor. Apparently, Penn State wanted to do something special, so it decided to make this game a Stripe Out, which as far as I know, the school has never tried to organize before.

That sounds difficult, no?

Absolutely, and if we're being honest, I have some reservations about whether or not it will work. It seems like a great idea, but if people aren't 100 percent aware of which color shirt they should wear, it may look really disjointed. Then again, Tennessee checkered out its entire stadium last week, so I think Penn State can pull this off.

Agreed, but my big issue is I don't know which color shirt I should wear. How do I know?

Good question, and an important one! You're going to want to go right here and plug in your section (by letters, so NCU or EC or whatever). Easy enough. Also, make sure everyone you know does this.

Can do. Now just in case I wear the wrong shirt, can I buy one somewhere?

Honestly, don't know. Know they have merch trucks outside of the stadium, suppose you can use those. Just wear the right shirt, be loud, and have a good time, because you're there for what could very well be one of the most unique atmospheres in Beaver Stadium history.