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Post-Game Link Dump: Rutgers

Here are some fun links you can check out from Saturday's game.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

We'll get things started this week by heading over to PennLive. You need to check out the amazing photo gallery they threw together from the game, which gives you the best possible look at how amazing the Stripe Out looked. Also: fireworks! PennLive also has the video of Rutgers coach Norries Wilson's bizarre press conference, which you should watch.

Next, we'll look at some of the various outlets that honored Penn State players after the game. Josh Moyer of ESPN gave a big helmet sticker to the Nittany Lion offensive line, which paved the way for monster nights out of Saquon Barkley and Akeel Lynch. Ben Jones of graded Penn State's three units and ruled that the Nittany Lions' performance on Saturday was a B, while PennLive thought it was a B+ performance. Bob Flounders of PennLive also did a stock rating, and you will be shocked as to whose stock he thinks rose the highest (it's Saquon Barkley). As for the James Franklin's game ball, it's going to Chris Gulla, as Onward State wrote.

The much-maligned offensive line got a ton of praise last night. Along with the honor from Moyer, both Flounders and Gordon Brunskill wrote about how the unit had maybe its best game of the year.

Some writers had takes that weren't as optimistic. Jones argued that that "Penn State beat Rutgers on talent more than coaching." Mike Poorman, also of, sees a potential dilemma with the way that carries will be split between the team's two star running backs.

Back to the happy stuff, let's jump over to 247. Jeff Rice's always great "Five things we learned" was especially fond of the performance by Gulla and the playmakers – namely John Reid and Grant Haley – in Penn State's secondary. Steve Wiltfong had a lot of great recruiting notes, but they're behind a paywall.

Finally, we're going back to my old stomping grounds of Onward State for what was easily the headline of the night.