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Penn State Wide Receiver Chris Godwin Rides a Robot to Keep His Legs Fresh- No, Really

Chris Godwin is from the future.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that football players in the year 2015 can be kind of ridiculous. Similar to how parents force their children to watch Baby Einstein and listen to classical symphonies while they're asleep, there are always new reports coming out about how some new innovation can do some amazing thing for you, and collegiate athletes are no exception. One great example (that will sound crazy to many who grew up playing baseball), is that Virginia Baseball no longer has their pitchers ice their arms after throwing, because there was a study showing that it wasn't necessarily the best thing for them.

College football players, while often diligent, attentive and focused students, all want to play in the NFL. That's the goal. There aren't many guys who start playing college football and think to themselves, "Man, I sure would hate to make millions and millions of dollars by playing a game for four years." That being the case, many of them take as many precautions as possible to protect their long-term plans.

Today, we found out about Chris Godwin's precaution. And it's awesome.

PROs to Godwin's handlebar-less segway:

-Speed in getting to class (10 minutes from Lasch to West Campus is mighty impressive)

-Keeps his legs fresh

-People move out of his way

-Requires little to no actual movement on his part

-Allows for dramatic entrances

-Gives Chris a taste of what life could be like if he continues on to the NFL

-Could lead others to look further into this


-Losing your balance and falling off of that thing would suck

-Bumping into someone on that thing would suck

-Hitting a bump and falling off that thing would suck

-It probably can't drive over snow, which sucks

-Getting stuck behind a crowd on that thing would suck

We'll let you decide whether or not Godwin's new toy is innovative, or silly. Or both. Probably both.