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MMQB: What Are Your Revised Season Expectations for Penn State Football?

Now that we've seen this team play four games, have your thoughts pre-season predictions changed?

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State has now played four games in the 2015 season. We've seen them at what seemed like their low point, against Temple, and what appears to have been high points against Rutgers and San Diego State. The question is, though, have your expectations changed?

The popular predictions for this year's team were generally between 7-5 and 9-3. Based on what you've seen from Penn State so far, do you still feel that these predictions are fair? What about what you've seen from the rest of Penn State's opponents? Michigan and Northwestern are looking more formidable than they did before the season began. The same could be said for Indiana.

With Penn State's offense being a bit shakier than many had hoped combined with strong starts from some other Big Ten teams, what are your revised expectations for this 2015 season? Are they in-line with your preseason thoughts? Share your honest pre-season prediction and your new one in the comments below!