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Penn State at Temple: Postgame Link Roundup

All your rage-fueled (and less bitter) pieces, all in one place.

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As expected, yesterday's loss to Matt Rhule's Temple Owls, the first since World War II, brought out a lot of #hottakes--some more measured in their responses than others.

The team's official site tries to put a positive spin on the loss, highlighting Akeel Lynch's touchdown (before it all went downhill).

Over at, Mike Poorman looks at why (and how) Temple got better in the five games since it got manhandled by Penn State in November--and how they turned the tables on the Lions. Ultimately, it came down to attitude--and adaptation. Also on the site, friend of BSD Ben Jones handed out postgame grades (hint: no unit came out looking good, save special teams).

Audrey Snyder at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette writes of the team's praise for Temple's play and game plan (clearly superior to Penn State's), and PennLive's Greg Pickel does a video review of literally each of Christian Hackenberg's ten sacks. If you're into self-flagellation.

Onward State had difficulty figuring out who to hand the player of the game nod to, and ultimately went with Lynch in their recap, which understandably maligns the offensive line. It's a common theme--the Daily Collegian also focused on the ten sacks of Hackenberg.

The Big Ten blog at tWWL calls the loss an "embarrassment" (no disagreement here) and also has the box score, if you want to hurt yourself even more.

Around SBNation, Underdog Dynasty has a Temple take on the game, and the mothership has an official recap.

And, of course, your reaction pieces here on BSD:

Eli's immediate take from last night, alongside Devon's long write up this morning, and Matt's Hey Wha Happen.