Cael lands Top 10 brothers Nick and Joe Lee

from Evanville, IN.

Nick, #5 in the Class of 2017, is the returning 132-lb Indiana state champ and is 68-1 in his career. Younger brother Joe, #9 in the Class of 2018, went 34-2 last year as a freshman, finishing as 138-lb state runner-up.

Both are freestyle national champs. This is no accident: they embody Cael's philosophy -- they attack, attack, attack. Here are videos of each of them wrecking opponents at Fargo.

They chose Penn State for both wrestling and academics, and are interested in the medical profession.

If that's not impressive enough, check out the letter they wrote to announce their commitment to Penn State:

The Lee brothers will make us proud, regardless of their success on the mat. Welcome to Penn State!

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