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LIVE WRESTLING: No. 1 Penn State Leads at Scuffle

Had a nice nap? Good. Let's start session two.

Session one is in the books.  Let's recap how our Nittany Lions have fared so far.

How To Watch

GoPSUSports has us covered with free audio, featuring everyone's favorite wrestling announcer, Jeff "Ironhead" Byers.  The video feed is presented by FloWrestling, but it'll cost you a couple of dollars.  (It's worth it.)

Here's the full slate of action this weekend:

Round Date, Time
Champ. Round 1 1/1/16, 9am
Champ. Round 2 1/1/16, Noon
Consi. Round 2 1/1/16, 3pm
Champ. Round 3 1/1/16, 5:45pm
Go to bed 1/1/16, 10pm
Champ.Quarterfinals 1/2/16, 9am
Consi. Round 5 1/2/16, 11:30am
Champ.Semi Finals 1/2/16, 1:30pm
Consi. Quarterfinals 1/2/16, 3:30pm
Champ.Finals 1/2/16, 7pm

Here's a link to the live brackets.  Let's get this open thread started already.