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The 2015 Black Shoe Diaries Reader Awards and Statistics

Let's check out which of y'all were the most active on the site in 2015.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

With the year 2016 officially underway, we're going to take a little bit of time to recognize some of the top contributors from the entire 2015 calendar year.

Before we do that, from all of us at Black Shoe Diaries, thank you for helping to make this community what it is. We are consistently one of the most-read college sites on the network, which for a page that mostly covers a team that has gone 7-6 the past two seasons, is especially impressive. You'd also be hard-pressed to find a team site that sees more comment section activity than ours. Despite the fact that it goes off the rails on three out of every four articles, we truly appreciate you coming back to Black Shoe Diaries every day to talk sports with us. We write because you read, and as long as you keep coming back, we'll keep making this the best corner of the Internet that we can.

Now, onto the awards! First up, are FanPosts! Here are the top-7, FanPostiest community members:

Most FanPosts

  1. Sperbo, 23
  2. Gerry Dincher, 22
  3. PSU_Lions_84, 19
  4. bveo12
  5. jessedotsmom, 16
  6. joefromboalsburg, 15
  7. ReadingRambler, 12

FanPosts are one of the most underutilized tools across the entirety of SB Nation. Many sites struggle to even get one person to post double-digit FanShots, and we had seven easily (the other three in the top-10, Bill, Jared and Eli, were omitted because they are site authors) eclipse that mark. Congratulations to Sperbo, for taking the overall crown.

We won't list out the top FanShots, because seven of them are BSD authors, but the three that did make the top-10 were PSU_Lions_84 at No. 3 with 38 FanShots, Gerry Dincher at No. 5 with 24 FanShots and 87Townie at No. 8 with 18 FanShots. Congratulations, guys.

Finally, the grand daddy of them all: Most Comments.

Most Comments

  1. Big Maple (4,687)
  2. Succss With Honor Always (4,311)
  3. Eli Moreta-Feliz (3,798)
  4. PhillyLion (3,607)
  5. PSU_Lions_84 (3,495)
  6. ReadingRambler (3,320)
  7. bveo12 (2,731)
  8. Sperbo (2,210)
  9. ChrisTaylor (2,171)
  10. GSAPS (2,151)

We'll let Eli and Chris stay on this list since they weren't authors for the entirety of 2015. Like I said previously, this is the area where our community is truly special and one-of-a-kind. The constant activity in the comment section, whether on-topic or not, is always entertaining we at Black Shoe Diaries take great pride in writing for a community that inspires so much discussion amongst each other. For 2015 though, one reader stood alone. Congratulations on having the most to say, Big Maple.

So take a moment, congratulate our champions, take stock of your personal lives, consider how much of that time is spent on a computer and start posting and commenting to get a head start for the 2016 awards.