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LIVE WRESTLING: No. 1 Penn State Finishes Southern Scuffle

This is it - we're down to the medal rounds and championship finals.  Penn State leads.  Here's a quick recap of the standings, our Penn Staters, and the key upcoming bouts.

Team Scores

1. Penn State 158.5

2. Oklahoma State 146.0

3. Lehigh  99.5

4. North Carolina  94.5

5. Cornell  89.5

Championship Finals and Medal Round Bouts

125 - Champ. Final: Nico (PSU) vs. Eddie Klimara (OkSt)

3rd Place:  Moisey (WVU) vs. Fleetwood (CMU)

5th Place:  Cruz (LEH) vs. Assad (MICH)

7th Place:  Schram (STAN) vs. Hale (OkSt)

133 - Champ. Final: Conaway (PSU) vs. Nahshon Garrett (CORN)

3rd Place:  Kraisser (CAMP) vs. DiCamillo (UVA)

5th Place:  Brock (OkSt) vs. Martinez (AFA)

7th Place:  Yenter (MSU) vs. Brancale (MINN)

141 - Champ. Final: Heil (OkSt) vs. McKenna (STAN)

3rd Place:  Ward (UNC) vs. Prince (UNA)

5th Place:  Thorn (MINN) vs. Horan (CMU)

7th Place:  Moss (PSU) vs. DeAngelo (WVU)

149 - Champ. Final: Zain (PSU) vs. Evan Henderson (UNC)

3rd Place:  Cimato (DREX) vs. Oliver (CMU)

5th Place:  Collica (OkSt) vs. Finesilver (DUKE)

7th Place:  Vassar (GWEB) vs. Fox (STAN)

157 - Champ. Final: Nolf (PSU) vs. Joe Smith (OkSt)

3rd Place:  Minotti (LEH) vs. Brown (LEH)

5th Place:  Beitz (PSU) vs. Parsons (ARMY)

7th Place:  Smith (CMU) vs. Longo (LEH)

165 - Champ. Final: Dieringer (OkSt) vs. Massa (MICH)

3rd Place:  Staudenmayer (UNC) vs. Preisch (LEH)

5th Place:  Morelli (PSU) vs. Pickett (CORN)

7th Place:  Hammond (PSU) vs. Duggan (CAMP)

174 - Champ. Final: Nickal (PSU) vs. Ramos (UNC)

3rd Place:  Kent (PENN) vs. Rogers (OkSt)

5th Place:  Realbuto (CORN) vs. Crutchmer (OkSt)

7th Place:  Renzi (WVU) vs. Ottinger (CMU)

184 - Champ. Final: Dean (CORN) vs. Brown (LEH)

3rd Place:  Miller (NAVY) vs. Thomas (PENN)

5th Place:  Boyd (OkSt) vs. Rogers (OkSt)

7th Place:  Utley (UNC) vs. Krohn (STAN)

197 - Champ. Final: McIntosh (PSU) vs. Pfarr (MINN)

3rd Place:  Smith (WVU) vs. Hartmann (DUKE)

5th Place:  Bolich (LEH) vs. Nye (UVA)

7th Place:  Hines (AFA) vs. Noon (NCO)

285 - Champ. Final: Marsden (OkSt) vs. Dejournette (APPST)

3rd Place:  Johnson (UTC) vs. Kroells (MINN)

5th Place:  Shaw (CLE) vs. Wessell (LEH)

7th Place:  Miller (BORO) vs. Butler (STAN)

Penn State has six finalists (125, 133, 149, 157, 174, and 197).  Okie State put five through (125, 141, 157, 165, 285).  No other teams are in the same zip code.

How To Watch

GoPSUSports has us covered with free audio, featuring everyone's favorite wrestling announcer, Jeff "Ironhead" Byers.  The video feed is presented by FloWrestling, but it'll cost you a couple of dollars.  (It's worth it.)

Here's the full slate of action this weekend:

Round Date, Time
Champ. Round 1 1/1/16, 9am
Champ. Round 2 1/1/16, Noon
Consi. Round 2 1/1/16, 3pm
Champ. Round 3 1/1/16, 5:45pm
Go to bed 1/1/16, 10pm
Champ.Quarterfinals 1/2/16, 9am
Consi. Round 5 1/2/16, 11:30am
Champ.Semi Finals 1/2/16, 1:30pm
Consi. Quarterfinals 1/2/16, 3:30pm
Champ.Finals 1/2/16, 7pm

Here's a link to the live brackets.  COMMENCE OPEN THREADING