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WRESTLING: No. 1 Penn State Decks No. 8 Illinois

Long live the new king, Jason Nolf.


Yesterday, Illinois' Isaiah Martinez had never been beaten in attached collegiate competition.  He finished his freshman season unbeaten - and really, unchallenged - as he rolled to a national championship at 157lbs.  He looked even better this year.  Until today.

Jason Nolf matched Martinez's speed, explosion, and intensity.  He took Martinez down in the first.  He escaped in the second, got in on another shot - and boom.  Nolf - unmatched in scrambles - won another for a second takedown, sank a "Navy ride", and decked a flailing I-Mar at 4:55, on I-Mar's mat.

This pair will meet again - at least once, and probably twice.  I-Mar remains an outstanding wrestler, and maybe he gets Nolf back in the future.  But today, the king is dead.  Long live the king.

Box Score

WT Penn State Result Illinois Team Score
141 #13 Jimmy Gulibon DEC 6-1 Jodeh PSU 3, ILL 0
149 #1 Zain Retherford WBF 2:10 Langenderfer PSU 9, ILL 0
157 #3 Jason Nolf WBF 4:55 #1 Martinez PSU 15, ILL 0
165 #16 Shakur Rasheed L, DEC 9-10 #6 Rodriguez PSU 15, ILL 3
174 #1 Bo Nickal WBF 6:49 #5 Brunson PSU 21, ILL 3
184 #10 Matt McCutcheon L, INJ DEF Koepke PSU 21, ILL 9
197 #1 Morgan McIntosh MAJ 14-3 Lee PSU 25, ILL 9
285 Jan Johnson L, DEC 2-6 #20 Black PSU 25, ILL 12
125 #4 Nico Megaludis TF 24-7 Edelen PSU 30, ILL 12
133 #5 Jordan Conaway L, DEC 2-8 #2 Richards PSU 30, ILL 15

Total Takedowns

PSU 20, Illinois 11

BSD Wrestler of the Meet

Take a guess.

Three Completely Random, Probably Useless Thoughts

1) Daggoneit.  Mouse was rolling, and now twisted his knee, defaulting from his match with Illinois' Koepke.  Kid can't catch a decent break.  As SWHA noted in the open thread - let's bubble wrap him until Big Tens.  Heal up, Mouse.  The podium will be waiting for you when you get back.

2) Watching Morgan McIntosh bend 200lb dudes in half the wrong way is a lot of fun.

3) Snow.  We had some more (a lot, actually).  Enjoy it.