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The Official Black Shoe Snapchat Account is Here

Hooray for the technology!

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Are you young and hip and with it in today's social media world (so not Matt)? Well then do we have great news for you! Black Shoe Diaries has officially broken into the world of SnapChat, and will be going live with the account today!

For those of you who may not know, SnapChat is an app that allows one to send videos and pictures to friends, or to add them to what is called a 'story'. This way, all of the videos and pictures taken are compiled into one area, that can be viewed multiple times. We'll include further instructions below on how to get started with SnapChat for anyone new to the program.

We're doing this to help give readers and followers who aren't able to make Penn State sporting events, a look in at live games (when possible). When the fall rolls around, we'll send videos from the stadium, 'We Are' chants, and things of that ilk. At basketball games we'll be able to capture the magic that is a Penn State Basketball halftime performance. We'll even be able to capture special events (such as today's Madison Square Garden doubleheader with Michigan). It'll be a lot of fun, so make sure to sign up and follow us on SnapChat today. We can be added by the username "blackshoesnap". We hope to see some of your names pop up on our friends list!

How to Add and Use SnapChat, for Beginners

1. Go to your phone's app store and download "Snapchat".

2. Open Snapchat.

3. Click 'Sign Up'.

4. Follow the steps, pick a username.

5. When the main screen with the camera appears, tap the ghost icon on the top of the screen.

6. Click 'Add Friends'.

7. Use 'Add by Username' and type in 'blackshoesnap', and click the plus sign next to our name.

8. Go back to the homescreen and click on the three parallel lines in the bottom righthand corner, and click on our name. This will begin playing our story.

9. Enjoy!