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Brazen Predictions and Early Morning Open Thread: Minnesota

What does the staff have in mind for the Minnesota game?

Penn State v Michigan Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

As the season unfolds, and maybe as a byproduct of the absolute shellacking Penn State took last week, our staff’s predictions have become tamer for this game. Without further ado:

Clay: No Jerry Kill probably means no Minnesota Head coaching eating a Dilly bar on the sideline, so for that we mourn. In prediction talk, I think we see yet another slow start and more turnovers from PSU, but we see one of Penn State's linebackers step up and make a play. Manny Bowen, who has actually filled in quite nicely, forces at least one Minnesota turnover and swings momentum in the favor of PSU, leading to a W.

[ed. note: There was never a Minnesota Head Coach eating a Dilly Bar on the sideline]

Aaron: Penn State allows more passing yards than rushing yards in this game. And I mean that in a good way.

Chris L: MOAR SPECIAL TEAMS! 45 yards per punt for Gillikin, and John Reid finally breaks a return for a touchdown.

Ross: There will be 4 players with over 100 yards rushing by the end of the game. Three for Penn State

Lando: Three combined turnovers, two Penn Staters rush for 100 yards, and three score rushing touchdowns.

Dena: Zero targeting calls, 1 interception by our D, 2 field goals by Gillikin, 3 rushing touchdowns by Barkley, 4 quarters with PSU scoring, 5 receptions for Godwin

Tim: Trace McSorley throws for over 300 yards on a reeling Minnesota secondary and John Reid finally breaks a punt return for a touchdown.

Chris T: Marcus Allen will finish with more than ten tackles.

Cari: No matter what happens, the calls for Franklin's head will grow louder in the fanbase.

Eli: Minnesota will not record a sack.

There you have it. Please use this as your early morning open thread. And as always, open thread rules allow. Don’t be rude, don’t post porn, illegal streams, or anything that makes us get involved. Have fun!