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MMQB: Should Penn State Have A Special Occasion Uniform?

The trend in sports is all about alternates.

Oregon v Arizona

The Ohio State Buckeyes roll into town this weekend and you may recall they broke out special black uniforms for their game against Penn State last year. If not, just try to remember Saquon Barkley hurdling over Tyvis Powell or one of his other 26 carries for 194 yards. The Buckeye’s uniforms have largely remained the same over the years, however, they have been unveiling a special uniform for one game the past several seasons. It’s not the same as Oregon, which no longer has an identity, but would you be alright with the Nittany Lions bringing out a special event uniform?

That question may have you breaking out in a cold sweat thinking about all the awful photoshop edits of Penn State uniforms from the message boards over the years. Maybe a new uniform is not necessary, instead repurposing an existing uniform. It was rumored James Franklin had wanted the Nittany Lions to wear their “road whites” for the White Out in Beaver Stadium two years ago. Perhaps a pink-and-black Homecoming uniform in the vein of what the men’s basketball team has done the past two seasons, a gray uniform like some other sports use, or a white uniform with blue outlined white numbers. Maybe the argument is moot, this is the fan base that lost their minds over names getting added to the uniforms.

Chances are Penn State will be breaking out a special uniform at some point in the future, what would be the best (or most acceptable)?