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Black Shoe Degenerates Week 8: Whiteout Edition

A compliment of big games are on the slate for this weekend, including Penn State’s biggest game of the season.

Maryland v Penn State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

As it turns out, I was was wrong about losing every game for the rest of the season. Minnesota handled Maryland fairly easily, so those of you bold enough to take them straight up, you’re welcome. As per the others, Wisconsin came just short of the upset, but covered, and San Diego State allowed a second-half field goal to ruin the push. C’est la vie.

This week has a ton of interesting matchups; so much so that it was hard narrowing it down to just a few. It should be another fun-filled college football weekend.

The Picks

Michigan -36 vs Illinois - Ok, I’ve seen enough. Michigan has covered every single one of their lines against overmatched opponents this season, and this will be no different. Michigan might not score 78 this time around, but I don’t see how a team that needed 7 total turnovers (downs and true) from Rutgers to win can stay within 5 touchdowns of this Michigan team coming off a bye week. If you can, buy down that extra point down to an even 35, in case Illinois manages lose exactly by 35.

Washington -37 vs Oregon State - This is another team that has been handling its business against lesser opponents, and Oregon State is not good this season. I do take pause with the curious 37-point line, so I’d wait to see if goes down (or buy it down to an even 35 if it doesn’t), but Washington, at home, also coming off a bye week, should have no issues making it rain against the Beavers.

Miami +6 @ Virginia Tech - Both teams are coming off losses this past weekend, but one of them fought to the very end, while the other got taken to the woodshed against a much lesser opponent. Virginia Tech might end up winning this game, but I don’t see them winning it by a touchdown or more. Maybe a field goal.

Penn State +20 vs Ohio State - It’s not that I believe Michigan to be better than Ohio State, but rather that I believe Penn State to be better than they were on September 24th. I still think Ohio State wins this game easily (so don’t go putting the mortgage on Penn State straight up), but I don’t think it will be the massacre that everyone else, including Vegas, seems to think it will be. For starters, the Nittany Lions are coming off a bye week. They’ve had time to create a game plan for this game and thoroughly review the Ohio State tape. Secondly, the bye also allowed for certain players, who were not available against Michigan, to heal up and become available this weekend. Last, but not least, this is a home game for Penn State, at night, in Whiteout conditions. The stadium will be rocking, and while Ohio State may pull away late, it still won’t be by that many points.

Fun Props

Penn State rushing touchdowns: 1.5
J.T. Barrett passing yards: 199.5
Blown Calls: 2.5
Penn State field goals from inside the Ohio State 5: 3.5
Calls for Franklin’s head in the event his team loses by several scores: 125.5/hour


Last Week: 1-2
Season: 13-10