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Black Shoe Diaries Matcast: Coming Soon

We’re podcasting again, but this time it’s about wrestling!


Wrestling fans rejoice. Black Shoe Diaries is launching a Penn State wrestling podcast hosted by Clay Sauertieg and myself. The weekly podcast will be released on Tuesdays, starting next Tuesday, 11/1 and will feature coverage of Penn State wrestling, as well as NCAA wrestling around the country.

Have topics you want us to cover in episode one? Questions? Leave them in the comments and we will be sure to answer them.

In the meantime, Flo has Bo Nickal as a title contender (along with Myles Martin and Gabe Dean, though in their pod he gives Bo the edge) at 184, and Pyles “considered giving [157] the Zain treatment”—in that he’s not sure the others he classified as contenders would challenge Jason Nolf, now that IMar is at 165. Cenzo makes the podium in their 165 predictions, but no PSUers (ie, Cassar) are up for 197.

Also, ICYMI, Cael picked up some recruits a week ago.