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Penn State Ranked No. 20 in the AP Poll, No. 23 in the Coaches Poll

The Nittany Lions jump in the rankings after taking down Purdue

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

A week after breaking into the AP Poll for the first time since 2011, Penn State continues to climb the rankings. This week the Nittany Lions checked in at number 20 in the AP poll. After being snubbed from the Coaches’ poll, Penn State made its first appearance at number 23.

Just a few days before the College Football Playoff committee announces its first rankings, the Big Ten is well represented in the AP poll. #2 Michigan leads the way, followed by #6 Ohio State, #8 Wisconsin, and #10 Nebraska. We’ll have to wait until Tuesday night to see where the Nittany Lions end up in the College Football Playoff poll, but a strong outing against the Boilermakers can only help their case.