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Black Shoe Degenerates: Week Six

A couple of key matchups highlight this week’s lineup, and Eli’s got the picks.

NCAA Football: Stanford at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was a good week. Penn State overcame a 10-point deficit in defeating Minnesota, both Michigan State and Florida State sit at 0-2 in conference, and I went 3-0 in picks. Couldn’t have scripted it better if I tried.

This week offers a few interesting matchups, but I’d be remiss if I said there was a lot of value there. Many intriguing matchups have lines that are too big, or, on the other hand, lines that are too small to make a good pick. One example is Penn State as a 2-point underdog. That seems very attractive, but I’m waiting until that settles to see whether it’s a pickable pick or not.

The Picks

Washington -9 @ Oregon - First things first, Washington hasn’t beaten Oregon in 12 years. Oregon, despite their record, is not a bad team. The game is on the road for the Huskies. There’s reason to believe Vegas knows something we don’t with this line, but I’m still going to take my risk after seeing Washington demolish an inarguably better Stanford squad last week.

Indiana +29 @ Ohio State - The Buckeyes have been an unstoppable force on offense, but Indiana has a defense now. The Hoosiers’ offense isn’t what it once was under Nate Sudfeld and the gang, but they are still able to put up points when needed. I see this going like I saw Houston last week: They could easily lose by four touchdowns, but I don’t see them losing by more.

Miami -3 vs Florida State - I’m riding Miami until they prove me wrong. Florida State is in all sorts of trouble right now, and Miami seems to be hitting their stride. The games between these two teams have been close the past two years, and I don’t expect that to change. However, I can see the Hurricanes winning by at least a touchdown.

Fun Props

Depending on what you were rooting for, we either did really well or really terribly last week:

Minnesota passing attempts: 10.5 - OVER, by, like a lot!
Minnesota Sacks: 3.5 - UNDER PRAISE JESUS UNDER!
References to Franklin’s “hot seat” status during the game: 2.5 - UNDER by my count. Someone can correct me.
Likelihood that Tom Herman takes the Penn State job if Franklin loses on Saturday: 10.5 - UNDER Coach Hype ain’t goin’ nowhere PAWWWWLLL!

And for this week:

Maryland rushing yards: 201.5
Maryland passing yards + attempts: 221.5
References to Maryland’s turnaround under DJ Durkin: ∞.5
Hands shaken: 2.5


Last Week: 3-0
Season: 10-7