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Snap Counts: vs Minnesota

Who played where, and how much.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive Notes:

  • Chaz Wright is rather large, and brought a physical prescence to the interior of our OL in his limited snaps.
  • Had a few 2-back plays in this one.  A play-action fake pitch to Barkley, while Mark Allen came forward in pass pro, and an RPO where Robinson was the handoff while Barkley immediately released on a stick.  Neither play worked out.  Allen missed his blitz pickup, forcing McSorley to scramble and throw the ball away.  Minnesota rotated into a single-high man-under look - thus negating McSorley's MLB read, since Barkley got covered (incomplete pass).

Defensive Notes:

  • With Curtis Cothran's return, Tyrell Chavis moved to NT.
  • I may have under-reported Jordan Smith's snaps.  He was the corner opposite Reid for much of the second half, rather than a sub-package only guy.  Congrats on the first career interception.  It came at a pretty clutch time.
  • Our LBs in overtime were: Cameron Brown (WLB), Manny Bowen (MLB), and Koa Farmer (SLB).  If you called that one pre-season, give yourself a pat on the back.  A casual, non-PSU fan might have thought Brent Pry had invented some crazy 5-safety defensive package.

This should be a Happy Occasion!  Let's not bicker and argue about who killed whom.


Christian Campbell, surrounded by nothing but 400 square feet of vacant green grass, made a terrific tackle to limit the play above to a 6-yard gain when it looked certain it was going for 80.  Unfortunately, he appeared to wreck his knee on the next snap.  But this was a heckuva nice play by him (and Marcus Allen, who beat two blocks to register an assist).

2. Our DL played a metric ton better in the 2nd half.  Here are MINN's RB-only rush attempts by half:

First Half: 21 for 128 yards, 6.1 ypc.  Long of 16.

Second Half and OT: 22 for 96 yards; 4.3 ypc; Long of 37 (Brooks' TD when Cam Brown ran past him in the backfield).  Subtract that one mistake, and you get 21 for 59 - a 2.8 ypc.

3.  Welcome back, Marcus Allen.

4.  Shareef Miller, Evan Schwan - best games yet.

5.  Really great to meet you, Chaz Wright.  Hope you visit more often.