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Post-Game Link Dump: Maryland

How is the internet responding to Penn State’s big victory over Maryland yesterday?

NCAA Football: Maryland at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State, or as the Washington Post states, “Reality” hit the Maryland Football team in the mouth yesterday. After a victory like that, wading into enemy territory to find coverage of the game is quite an enjoyable process. Even the Terps’ blog, Testudo Times couldn’t refrain from including Saquon’s hurdle of Will Likely in their recap of the game. Caution: enter the comment threads at your own risk.

That’s enough schadenfreude for a Sunday - getting back to the Penn State side of things, David Jones at PennLive looked into the effects the game may have on recruiting the fertile DMV region. The article includes this comment from James Franklin that is sure to fan the flames of this series: "I'm not anti-rivalry. To me, it shouldn't be something we're trying to convince or create. It's either there or it's not."

Not all that glitters is gold, in the win yesterday Penn State suffered yet another season-ending injury, this time to starting RT Andrew Nelson. And in one of the stranger ongoing sagas of the college football year, Kicker Joey Julius was targeted again in yesterday’s game. Franklin shows no signs of stepping-in to change Julius’ play style, so the onus will fall to opposing teams to control themselves and block Joey in a legal manner.

Greg Pickel at Pennlive looks into the rushing success of the offense yesterday, before turning his attention to the upcoming bye week and a few of the issues Penn State will need to address like whether or not to burn freshman Will Fries’ redshirt to account for the Nelson injury.

As always, check out Eli’s post-game recap from yesterday, position grades from Tim, and Chris Taylor’s more detailed recap from this morning highlighting a key turning point in yesterday’s game. And remember to share all three with any Maryland fans in your life.