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MMQB: What’s the Worst Weather You’ve Endured for a Sporting Event?

The weather outside was frightful, and the bar was so delightful

Penn State v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

We’ve all done it. Staying loyally to watch our favorite teams play in weather you’d otherwise have no interest in being outside in. This past Saturday at Rutgers was one of those games where only the most fanatic of the fans remained in the stands until the final seconds ticked off the clock. The majority of these fans, of course, supported the Nittany Lions.

James Franklin and the Penn State football team took notice of their loyal fans, taking the time to express their appreciation after the game was over.

I was happy to watch this game from the comfort of the great indoors, but it got me thinking back on some of the times I’ve stuck it out in foul weather for a sporting event.

I’ve been spoiled of late, so my mind instantly went to the 2012 game against Wisconsin, the final game of the season. It wasn’t sleeting/raining on that day, but the temperature was near freezing, and the wind was gusting enough to get my sister-in-law from Minnesota to complain about the cold. Those who recall the game know that it was a very rewarding one to stick around for (ending on a game-winning FG in OT). So I can’t put it near the level of fortitude (read: craziness) to stay until the end of a blowout night-game on the road.

What are some of your best encounters with nasty weather at a Penn State football game? Were you one of the fans to stick around for the entire Rutgers game? Is it the ultimate sign of support, or proof that you’ve taken fandom too far?