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Snap Counts: Penn State Whips Rutgers

Everyone played as Penn State beat the tar out of Rutgers in New Jersey.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

On Offense:

  • Say hello to Sterling Jenkins and Brendan Brosnan, the 6th and 7th dudes to play offensive tackle for the Nittany Lions in 2016.  Each took snaps in the final drive at Rutgers.
  • According to Head Bald Coach James Franklin, RG Connor McGovern could have played this week, but they decided to hold him out.  This is a luxury service that a conference foe like Rutgers provides gratis.
  • Consequently, Steven Gonzalez recorded his first career start, at LG.  5th-year senior Derek Dowrey probably recorded his last career start, at RG.  They both went the distance.

On Defense:

  • I looked for, but did not notice, #97 Ryan Buchholz, the 5th DE and passing down DT.  Please let me know if that was in error via the comments.
  • 28 dudes played on defense.  Twenty-eight dudes.  In a conference game.  On the road.  At night.  There's only 70 allowed on a travel squad, if I'm 'membering my Big Ten rules correctly.
  • Bell, Cabinda, Bowen - our starting linebackers, who played a significant role in holding Rutgers to 87 total offensive yards on 50-ish snaps....all from New Jersey.  That's gotta make Rutgers fans feel good, doesn't it?

Funny Gif

Rember the snap count, kids, lest you get beaten badly, like this Rutgers TE at the bottom of the screen.