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MMQB: What Is Your Ultimate Penn State Holiday Gift?

What would be on the top of your wish list for the Holiday Lion to bring you this year?

Animals At San Francisco Zoo Receive Edible Holiday Treats Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

By now, you’ve more than likely seen the touching video of a die-hard Penn State fan receiving the gift of a lifetime- a trip to the Rose Bowl to watch his beloved Nittany Lions on Jan. 2. It was clearly a completely unexpected gift that meant the world to the recipient, and unless you’re made of stone, warmed your heart and brought a smile to your face. To make things even better, the lucky fan later received a phone call from James Franklin himself, thanking him for his support and letting him know more surprises will be on the way.

If I had to choose, I would take the same exact thing- an all-expenses paid trip to the Rose Bowl. I have yet to attend a Penn State bowl game in my lifetime, and seeing them play in Pasadena is high on my bucket list. Besides the 2005 squad, this may be my favorite Penn State team of all time, which would make the trip to the Rose Bowl to ring in 2017 all the more special.

Other than bowl tickets, I’d probably choose something to commemorate one of my top memories at Beaver Stadium, like a game-worn jersey of Paul Posluszny or Tamba Hali from my favorite game I’ve ever attended, the 2005 victory against Ohio State, or the jersey worn by Curtis Enis when he sliced up the Buckeyes defense when I attended my first game in 1997.

So what say you, BSD reader? What Penn State-related gift would be on the top of your wish list?