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MMPG: Did Pat Chambers Schedule Too Hard of a Non Conference?

With five losses already on the schedule, was playing Duke, Cincinnati, and Pitt just too much this season?

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at St. John Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

In this week’s edition of Monday Morning Point Guard (no quarterbacks in basketball), we ask a simple question: Was the non conference schedule this season harder than it should have been for this Penn State squad?

For years now, we have grappled with the benefits of playing top opponents in order to prepare for Big Ten play, versus having a manageable, and sometimes easy, schedule to get the team acclimated to playing together (or to playing in college altogether, for the freshmen).

We’ve now seen both ends of the spectrum, one where where Penn State played a soft non conference schedule, and went 12-1 (only to finish 4-14 in conference). Now, we have a tough schedule, but already have five losses on the season. Barring a 2014 Nebraska-like finish, it’s safe to say that the NCAA tournament is probably out of reach, even with a good Big Ten showing.

So what say you? Did Penn State’s non conference schedule serve to prepare the young guys for Big Ten play, or was it too hard to get anything good out of?