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BSD Challenge - C’Est Fini

How did the staff do picking games this season?  Tune in to find out!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

BSD Final Standings

One last week of mostly straightforward games led to many of the same teams being picked. All told, six of your beloved writers went undefeated on the week, and another six had just one loss. After 13 weeks of hotly debated games and contested picks, behold the final standings of the 2016 season!

Your season co-champions are Dena and Aaron! With a correct pick percentage of 80% on the season, Aaron and Dena tied atop the standings on the season with identical 84-21 records. Coming in third place was Chris Taylor, exactly one pick behind our top two finishers, with an 83-22 record. Overall it was a fun season as the masthead matched wits each weekend, and congratulations go to our top three. Revenge will be ours next season!