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Success With Hyperlinking Just Wants a Dang No. 26 Jersey

The NCAA requires that I tell you that it's a No. 26 jersey and not a Saquon Barkley jersey because god forbid Saquon gets a little extra cash for his jersey.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Jersey Boys – Hey, do you want to get a PENN STATE FOOTBALL PLAYER NO. 26 jersey or a PENN STATE FOOTBALL PLAYER NO. 14 jersey? I have some bad news: Penn State will only have three jerseys manufactured for the near future. Those are No. 1, No. 16, and No. 94. Matt's theory is that 1 is generic, 16 is for this year, and 94 is the last time PSU won a national title, but god dammit, I just want to buy a player's jersey and feel really guilty that they aren't getting a penny for it.

InZain – One of the children over at The Daily Collegian did a good lil feature on 149 lb. badass Zain Retherford. It's pretty solid, namely because any mention of a wrestler who comes out to "Folsom Prison Blues" is worth mentioning. If Vince McMahon had someone do this I would buy all of their merch.

Flurrida – So Florida wasn't kind to Penn State footbaw during the last recruiting cycle. The Nittany Lions most notably missed out on a pair of wide receivers – Tre Nixon and Dredrick Snelson – but otherwise wasn't that aggressive in Florida. Which is weird, since Florida is loaaaaaaaaded with talent. As our friend Greg Pickel writes, James Franklin and co. will probably be more aggressive in the Sunshine State this cycle, namely because of the amount of talent at IMG Academy.

PSU vs. 5b – Sticking with recruiting, let's head down to Pittsburgh, where the 2016 class is totally loaded. Both Penn State and 5b are, understandably, going to go after the area intensely, and Brian Dohn of Scout breaks down some of the big recruiting battles that are going to go own down in Yinzville between Pennsylvania's two premier programs


A Quick Serious Thing – This Valentine's Day, instead of giving chocolates or flowers to the person you love, why not make a donation to those who could really use the help? And if you're a dateless loser like me, you don't have to worry about giving anyone any gifts, so just donate anyway!

Khaki God vs. The World – It's not a Penn State thing, but it's fun and it was written by a Penn Stater, so close enough. Sports on Earth college football writer and noted not SB Nation Matt Brown Matt Brown took a look on what is slowly becoming the most entertaining rivalry in the sport: Jim Harbaugh vs. the SEC.

You Should Read This – This is an oldie but a goodie and I'm not sure if it was dropped in here before, but Jourdan Rodrigue of the Centre Daily Times did an ultra dope story on Ben Kline a few weeks back. Apparently, he and Anthony Zettel hated each other, which is apparently possible. I didn't know non-interior offensive linemen could hate Zettel. Weird.

Finally, You Should Listen To The Front Bottoms – Always and forever, listen to the best band on earth.