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The Black Shoe Podcast Tries A Twitter Mailbag

The QB competition, some recruiting questions, the NBA Dunk Contest, and more!

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The offseason is a long, cold, boring thing. We're always looking for ways to get through it, because it is the worst and no one wants to just sit around and count the days until the first weekend in September.

One thing we decided was that we're going to do podcast mailbags a few times during this offseason. This episode features Bill and Nick ranting like madmen about various topics – both related to Penn State and not related to Penn State – but as we go throughout the offseason, we'll be sure to use different members of the staff. Make sure you're following Black Shoe Diaries on Twitter, and make sure you also go down the masthead and follow everyone with a Twitter account, as we'll ask for questions on the ol' tweetin' machine.

And now, please sit back and enjoy this episode of the Black Shoe Podcast. If it tickles your fancy, by all means, give us a follow on SoundCloud so you know when new episodes drop, and we're still waiting on iTunes to approve us. Jerks.