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Success With Hyperlinking Believes Beyond Boundaries

It's THON weekend. Please go donate!

We're all pretty excited around here.
We're all pretty excited around here.
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It's Friday.  But this isn't just any Friday, even for our regular links.

Believe Beyond Boundaries. The year-long festivities of the world's largest student-run philanthropy come to a close with this weekend's Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon.  Penn Staters take pride in the many accomplishments of their university, but this is a weekend that showcases Penn State at its best.  THON was a remarkable single event that, through the work of so many people over the past several decades, has turned into an all year, full-time extravaganza to aid kids and their families in the fight against cancer.

PennLive has all of the details on this weekend's events.  People Magazine has a remarkable feature about pediatric cancer survivor Brady Lucas, who credits Penn State with saving his life and now volunteers for THON as a Penn State student. BTN's LiveB1G talks about the Hope Express "going to extra mile."  Plus, you can watch the live broadcast and donate at  #FTK

The Gold Anniversary. You'll never guess what happened 50 years ago today.  #409

Speaking of all of the above... The Penn State Alumni Association polled nearly 1,300 graduates in December regarding their opinions on the university, and released its findings yesterday.  Some interesting stuff there, as opinions about the university have risen (unsurprisingly) since the first survey was performed in 2012, in the wake of the Sandusky scandal.  #TheMoreYouKnow

Get to the sports, Collyer. Alright, fine. Penn State hoops takes on Rutgers tomorrow at the RAC in Piscataway, NJ.  Wrestling looks to continue its absurd domination of every other program in the country.  Lions 24/7's Jeff Rice has posted all three parts of his interview with new offensive coordinator (and former Fordham head coach) Joe Moorhead.  Tim Frazier was waived by the Trailblazers to make way for Anderson Varejao, which means we can all go back to completely forgetting about the Blazers.  #SportyThings