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YAY HOOPS: Penn State at Rutgers Open Thread

Technically it's basketball!

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is going to be something. Penn State travels to New Brunswick today to take on Rutgers in what will certainly be a basketball game of some kind. Will it be fun? Maybe. Will it be a win? Possibly. Will we remember this game for the rest of our lives? You better believe it.

Here's your open thread for the game, which you can watch on ESPNU. Get prepped for it by checking out our preview, and remember, usual open thread rules apply – no porn, no politics, no illegal streams, no being a jackass, and no pictures of a befuddled Eddie Jordan who has zero interest in coaching basketball but is doing it anyway. Actually wait, that last thing is perfectly fine, but the porn/politics/etc. are all strictly prohibited.

Go State, beat the Rutger.