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THON 2016 Live Stream and Open Thread


Jess Cartwright, Onward State

THON is in its waning hours. Do you want to watch as things wind down from the Bryce Jordan Center and the total is revealed?

(The answer is of course you do, because watching the final few hours of THON is cool as all heck)

Well, good news: here is the official THON stream, and if you wanna go crazy, here's the stream in high definition. This also is gonna act as an open thread, so the usual open thread rules apply, but in all honesty it takes a special type of bad person to post porn in an open thread about THON. Also: where the heck does one acquire an illegal stream of THON?

Of course, make sure you're following the usual group of folks on social media for all your THON-related needs: the official THON accountOnward State and THONward StateThe Daily Collegian and its THON-specific Twitter account, and the Alumni Association.

Lastly, give money to THON, obvi.