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The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 2.13 - Penn State Beat Iowa, The O.J. Show, and More!

This week's episode of the pod went completely off the rails right away.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

We'll keep this short and sweet: the podcast was a total train wreck on a number of levels. Literally the first thing that happens is me messing something up in the intro. There are also lengthy discussions on the O.J. show and Kato Kaelin, Roman Catholic basketball, and a lot of things that aren't Penn State basketball. Although there is some Penn State basketball talk in there. We're sorry.

As for hoops, the gang discusses Penn State's games against Nebraska (at Nebraska), Iowa, and Rutgers. They also preview the Nebraska game (at the BJC – this was recorded on Tuesday) and the matchup against Sparty. Please enjoy it and know that we love you.