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Success With Hyperlinking Is Reliving Crootsmas 2016

We're taking a slight departure from your typical linkage session to cover all things Penn State and college football recruiting.

Kimberly P. Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In case you just got back from living in an eco-village:

Nick, Matt, and several of our other fine colleagues here at BSD put together an aesthetically-pleasing draft board of all of PSU's newly-minted signees for your viewing pleasure. Also, you should totally check out Matt's day-after musings about what the 2016 class means for the program going forward.

Go Blue? More like Go WOOOOOOO. [nudge] Huh? Get it? Eh? Okay, fine. [/logs off]

Michigan reeled in a Top 5 class, highlighted by landing the nation's consensus #1 recruit, Rashan Gary. Naturally, this prompted Jim Harbaugh to hold a grand event which featured some famous Michigan alums like Tom Brady and yes, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, who apparently signed an LOI to play football for Michigan back in 1968.

And what would a signing day celebration be without some dabbing? Apologies in advance to any Pirates fans who fondly recall the Jim Leyland era.

Curious to know where all the five-star players went?

Pete Volk at the mothership has put together a neat little map for you. Trust me Penn State fans, you'll definitely want to click on it.

Tom Herman clearly has a "Case of the Mondays"

Easily running away with the "Signing Day Video Of The Year" title is Houston head coach Tom Herman, fresh off a stellar inaugural season with the Cougars capped off by beating Florida State in the Peach Bowl. Herman and a couple assistants recreated the classic scene from Office Space where a printer (or in Herman's case, a fax machine) is kicked and beaten with a baseball bat with a gangsta rap soundtrack accompanying the beatdown.

Top That, Quinn Nordin!

4-star defensive back Deontay Anderson announced his commitment to Ole Miss by jumping out of a plane.

Guess who had the nation's #1 recruiting class?

No really, guess..I bet you can't figure it out before clicking on this link!