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Success With Hyperlinking Is Making The Donuts

Links and miscellany for your pleasure.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

While you're enjoying your fried, doughy rings today(unless you picked up real, holeless fastnachts), Jordan Norwood will be looking forward to sliding some new hardware on his finger following the Broncos' victory on Sunday. He joins a long list of Penn Staters that have already earned Super Bowl rings of their own and did his part, setting a record for the longest punt return in the game. The Centre Daily Times chronicled his even longer journey to the NFL from State College High School.

Ficken Still Chasing His Dream: Frank Bodani caught up with Sam Ficken after he recently returned from a kicking combine trying to impress NFL general managers and scouts as he hopes to realize his professional aspirations.

Someone Needs A Diaper Change: Normally, I'd like to avoid bringing attention to the innumerable stupidity of Pitt, however when the one of the higher-ups in the athletic department decides to jump into the letters to the editor, it's acceptable to point and laugh. Meanwhile, the Panthers Athletic Director is looking to set a season ticket sale mark by charging marginally more for the full slate game than the cost of the single game Penn State ticket alone, so I'm really looking forward to them hanging a banner for that Pyrrhic victory.

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On: A Penn State geosciences professor led a team that found a new cause of powerful earthquakes. When tectonic plates spread apart, magma rises to fill the void, this is called diking. While diking isn't a new phenomenon, it's role in natural disasters wasn't connected through research.

Lastly: Penn State researchers also studied how senior citizens interact with robots. They found the people were accepting of helpful robots, but became apprehensive as they became more autonomous. These fears may be influenced by mainstream media portrayals of robots. Old Glory Insurance, of course, knows better and have been serving the elderly for decades.