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Black Shoe Podcast 3.1: National Signing Day 2016

Bill, Matt, and Nick are back with our annual podcast celebrating the biggest recruiting day of the year.

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As dril once famously said:

Well guess what, baby: the boys are back in town.

(Ok, so it's just Bill, Matt, and Nick discussing National Signing Day, but still, boys, back in town, etc.)

On the new and improved Black Shoe Podcast, three of our four recruiting guys decided to come together to talk about the biggest recruiting day of the year. In addition to talking about each individual Penn State player in the class of 2016, the trio – well, two of the three – hand out a number of superlatives with members of James Franklin's latest recruiting class. Just a warning, this is a longer episode, which but we promise it's not as bad as that rambling nonsense we did during our NSD pod last year.

A quick programming note: while it's not up yet, we do plan on getting the Black Shoe Podcast back on iTunes as soon as possible. We'll let you know when we get that all squared away, but for now, make sure you check out our SoundCloud page and follow it, if you are so inclined.