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Success With Hyperlinking Embraces Shorts Season

Warmer? I just met her!

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The magic of warm spring break weather has apparently crept up from Cancun, Miami, and Punta Cana (and Long Beach) while the undergrad Nittany Lions drink their hearts out. It's been a warm week with very little in the world of sports news, but we will continue. Because Success With Hyperlinking never stops, even if Penn State basketball does.

Alas, Poor Donny and BT. I Knew Them, Pat: Shootyhoops' season ended last night at the hands of tourney bubble team Ohio State. Penn State couldn't stop fouling. Some of those fouls were trash. Marc Loving went off. A .500 record for this team constitutes a huge over achievement and an excellent coaching job from Chambers. At the beginning of the season I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really gonna miss Brandon Taylor and Donovon Jack.

Roman's Reign: The Cahilites beat Central Bucks West 60-41 to advance to the Class AAAA quarterfinals. Tony Carr eclipsed 1000 points in his high school career as he went for 13 points and five assists. They'll take on Parkland next in their quest to repeat.

Hail to Those Autoworkers: Men's hockey starts a two-game stint against Michigan in Ann Arbor tonight. The No. 2 seed in the Big Ten Tournament is on the line, and Penn State really needs a strong showing for its NCAA Tournament hopes.

Ride Wit Me: Movin' On 2016 will feature Walk the Moon, X Ambassadors, and, most importantly NELLY, Y'ALL! Movin' On is always on the last day of classes, and anyone is welcome to go. That means us, alums! That means you, townies! Last year's was amazing and this year's will be too, and I'm not just saying that because I helped run it last year.

Welcome to Moorheadville: Our new offensive coordinator has a history of turning around offenses. I know, this is brand new information. Anyway, Mike Poorman talked to Michael Nebrich, the QB who became a star under Moorhead at Fordham and compared him to Trace McSorley. If any of Penn State's QBs achieve the level of success Nebrich did, it'd be massive for the program.

My Boy's Wicked Smaht: Men's lacrosse is taking on Harvard at 10 a.m. on ESPNU tomorrow. Harvard recently rejected me from their law school. Go State.

The Vandywoman Can't: Women's lacrosse, meanwhile, will play The Harvard Of The South™, taking on Vandy tomorrow at 12:30 p.m.

Based Balls: The Spider Invitational in Richmond has the baseball boys taking on, well, Richmond, along with NYIT and Princeton. Nerds.

The Running Man (and Woman): NCAA Indoor Track championships start today. I hear running is good exercise.

Players Who Can Legally Be Paid: Tamba Hali signed a 3-year, $22 million deal to stay in KC. Chris Hogan signed an offer sheet with the Patriots. Yes, we know Chris Hogan didn't play football at Penn State, but he did play lacrosse here! Sports.

RUTGERS FIRED EDDIE JORDAN: Rutgers might have been the worst team in 21st century major college basketball this year, so they fired their coach. lololol they still owe him $2.1 million tho. tfw they finally kill off the character you hated:

Have a great weekend, everyone.