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Join the Black Shoe Diaries March Madness Pool

No Penn State just means it's easier to make level-headed betting decisions!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

IT'S MARCH MADNESS, Y'ALL. On Sunday, the selection committee will officially announce the 68 teams that will compete for a national championship this year (I swear to god, I'm gonna be mad if Wichita State doesn't make it, but that's for another time). This also means that our annual March Madness pool is back!

Like in past years, we're going to use Yahoo! for our bracket. We are doing this for a few reasons: 1) it's the best bracket service, 2) they gave us friend of the site/Penn State basketball hot take haver Sam Cooper, 3) SB Nation and Yahoo! have a fun lil partnership and this is a way for us to say thanks for being good as heck.

To sign up, head over to Yahoo!, and if you don't have an account, make one (it makes the process easier). From there, simply follow this link to the pool, enter your team name and all that, and make your picks when the teams are set.

As for prizes, well, we're still talking about that amongst ourselves. As of right now, this is all for pride and bragging rights, but we are discussing potential prizes (a t-shirt? Join a roundtable? You get to make editorial decisions for one calendar year? The possibilities are endless!). However, we absolutely recommend that you do a side bet with other commenters – for the third consecutive year, Chad and I will likely do our "loser buys the winner a beer and a slice of pizza" bet. Don't let that stop you from doing something irresponsible and betting, like, $10,000 with another commenter, though!*

So join the pool, use all of that college basketball intellect you've gathered this season (or just use KenPom), and prove that you're the most knowledgable and lucky fan of us all. And please win, because if one of us authors wins, we promise that we will never let you forget it.

* - don't do this and if you do Black Shoe Diaries is not responsible for what happens to your marriage