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LIVE WRESTLING: Session Five Open Thread: 3rd, 5th, 7th Place Bouts

Session Five will likely determine the winner...mathematically at least

For Penn Staters, there's not much going on in session five--only Jordan Conaway will be wrestling this morning for the blue and white. But as of the writing of this, with Penn State holding a 34.5 point lead and only OK State and Virginia Tech not mathematically eliminated from the championship, session five is what will determine the title.

Tech has five wrestlers in the consolation bracket, and OK State has three. If their wrestlers lose (or even fail to score enough bonus points), PSU could secure the title even if Conaway doesn't win--and before tonight's finals session even begins.

For the good guy who is actually wrestling today, Conaway takes on Illinois' Zane Richards, to whom he lost 8-2 in the dual meet earlier this season. Richards has had an underwhelming postseason, however, losing in the Big Ten tournament after having a very strong season--and losing last night to Cory Clark of Iowa, 4-3.

Hold on to your pants, kids. It'll be a good day of great wrestling, culminating in a great finals round tonight of five (5!!!) PSU guys going for their first NCAA title.