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MMQB: Spring Practice Edition

The Blue-White Game, and the end of spring practice, is less than three weeks away. What are your thoughts on this year's spring practice?

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

James Franklin's third year of spring ball brings a lot of changes. With a new offensive coordinator in Joe Moorhead brings an entirely new offensive system, and a whole new quarterback to learn that system. Matt Limegrover will take over on the offensive line--and bring a new intensity, and toughness, to that unit.

On the other side of the ball, though Bob Shoop is gone and three of the four starters up front will be replaced, we'll have Sean Spencer (the purveyor of the "Wild Dogs" mantra) back and Brent Pry seems more than capable of stepping up and filling Shoop's shoes.

After spring practice, the defense is usually ahead of the offense--and will this year be any different? Will find out in a few weeks, but that kicks off this week's Monday Morning Question Back--

What questions do you want to see answered out of Penn State's spring football practice?

Sound off below.